Rural Talent Advancement Program

A project to increase hope, aspiration, and self-determination among rural students

RTAP scholarship test has become one of the most exciting educational events among high school students in Delduar Upazilla of Tangail,” – the Headmaster of F. R. Khan High School echoed the sentiments of Delduar students, parents, and teachers. Delduar Upazilla has 26 High Schools with a student population of about 15,000. Since the time SpaandanB started this pilot project in 2003 to bring hope among rural students, it has been a great journey for all to see how the RTAP project is motivating thousands of students to work hard to compete and win. The average passing rate for S.S.C. candidates has increased to 70% and up compared to pre-RTAP times. About 50% of the RTAP scholarship recipients have got golden GPA in the recent S.S.C Exams. One of the goals of RTAP project is to create role models out of Delduar students themselves who can prove that success is possible even among all the difficulties of their lives. Besides the continuous ground work of SpaandanB Dhaka office and our partner organization, SpaandanB EC families visit Delduar every year and interact with students, teachers, and parents. In one of the visits, an EC member asked the students whether they can dream of being internationally famous and all the hands went up. It is amazing to see the enormous excitement and hope for a bright future. With little help, guidance, and motivational support, these hard-working students, teachers, and parents are ready to build a better future not only for themselves, but also for their community and for Bangladesh.

Merit Test

Each year selected students from all the schools of Delduar upozilla appear in a merit test, devised carefully to evaluate the academic and intellectual aptitude of the students. From the outcome of this merit test, each year 50 talented students are being screened out.


RTAP program provides scholarships to 50 students each year, selected through the Medha test. Each year, 25 stduents are selected from grade six and 25 from grade eight. Each selected student from grade six gets Taka 400 per month for two years and each selected student from grade eight receives Taka 700 per month for two years. So, potentially a student from grade six can get the scholarship for four consecutive years if he/she gets reselected through the Medha test in grade 8.

Computer Program

Computer literacy is part of the education curriculum in the Secondary School Certificate program in Bangladesh, but many schools in the rural area lack computer laboratories. Computer literacy literally can transform a student’s life and can open up a new world of information. It can profoundly impact teachers, students and their parents as well. Taking that into consideration, SpaandanB has been equipping schools at Delduar with computers. As part of the program, …

Library Program

Library is an instrumental part of a students curricular and extra curricular development. It introduces a world of information to the students and enriches the creativity and imagination power. With this in mind, SpaandanB has been carrying out library program in Delduar upozilla, as part of the RTAP. Every year two schools are being selected for the library program. Each school is being equipped with about 500 books. The book list has been …

Model Test and Coaching

To better prepare the students for Secondary School Certificate examination, SpaandanB arranges model test program in Delduar schools. This event is open to all S.S.C candidates. Question sets according to the style of the actual examination is set by experienced teachers of various schools of Dhaka city. Subjects covered by this model test are usually General Math, English, Chemistry, Social Science and Physics. Multiple examination …

Debate and Speech Club

One of the most important part of school education is to teach the students the skill of critical thinking. Nothing accomplishes it better than by participating in school debate competition. Participation in debate is highly correlated with better academic achievement. With due importance, SpaandanB has established a debate club in Delduar upozilla as part of RTAP program where instructors teach debate skills to the …

Essay Competition

Knowledge possession is best achieved by essay writing. Barely listening to a lecture or reading a book does not internalize the knowledge. Essay writing is one of the most important skill of a student which helps build analytical and critical thinking skills and directly improve academic performance. To improve this vital skill, SpaandanB arranges essay competition among the schools of Delduar Upozilla as part of the RTAP program …

Student Teacher Parent Interaction Program

In the rural environment, a student rarely gets exposed to an environment which can stimulate his/her thinking process. A simple opportunity to meet an accomplished individual, or exchange views with a fellow student from the city can deeply motivate the rural student. It can help the student identify a role model and can instigate a driving towards achieving excellence. Through RTAP program, SpaandanB tries to accomplish this by arranging …

Project Details

With the vision of motivating rural students to excel even in the middle of many harshness of life, RTAP strives to achieve it by implementing several project components among 27 different high schools of delduar Upozilla. These components are –

  • a competitive test to select 50 students for scholarship based on merit only – all rural students work hard to win and do not need to show the proof of their difficult financial condition
  • various extra-curricular activities such as debate club, essay competition, student interaction, SSC model test, through which students develop skills to succeed in real life
  • School library development that opens up a new world to many students
  • Computer Laboratory development that brings them in touch with technology and opens up the world of information

Project News

Model Test and Coaching

To better prepare the students for Secondary School Certificate examination, SpaandanB arranges model test program in Delduar schools. This event

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Running since 2003, this project has been providing scholarships and educational infrastructure support to meritorious students of rural areas to improve the quality of learning.

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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.