Riaz Uddin Memorial Scholarship

An academic scholarship program for meritorious but financially challenged students of Law at Dhaka University

This scholarship is in the loving memories of Riaz Uddin Ahmed, an educator, politician , freedom fighter and member of Constitutional Assembly in former East Pakistan. He continued to be politically active in Independent Bangladesh and founded the first Girls’ school in Godagari, Rajshahi. Riaz Uddin Ahmed was Born in Murshidabad, India in 1912 and made Rajshahi his home after the partition of 1947. A social reformer, all his life he believed in the human spirit. Riaz Uddin Ahmed passed away September 14, 1981.

Scholarship Details

This program provides academic scholarship to a student who is studying at the department of Law at Dhaka University and has shown merit and excellence in studies but financially at a disadvantaged state. The scholarship provides an annual award of 18,000 Taka (about $240) to be disbursed in two equal installments. The scholarship can be extended over multiple years subject to maintenance of satisfactory grades.

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Running since 2015, this project has been providing monetary scholarships to honors level students of Law of Dhaka University

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