Rashida Daud Scholarship

An academic scholarship program for meritorious students of Grade 7-10

Rashida Daud scholarship is an educational stipend program to provide financial support to meritorious students of grade 6 to 10 studying at the Daudpur High School located at the heart of the newly formed Upozilla Nabinagar of Brahmanbaria zilla. Established in 1931, Daudpur High School has been the preferred choice of institution of high school education for thousands of students. High standard of education, diligence and, care of experienced teachers have been attracting students even from distant locations. However, majority of the students are coming from families of farmers, day laborers and small entrepreneurs and it has been an uphill task for them to keep up with educational expenses. Due to this, many students, in spite of being meritorious, do not continue education beyond Secondary School Certificate. Early childhood marriage is another impediment to seeking higher education in case of girls. Rashida Daud Scholarship program provides relief to few of these meritorious students and encourages them to continue their education farther. It also creates a competitive environment which is conducive to better education and learning.

Scholarship Details

This program provides annual scholarships to 8 meritorious students, 2 from each grade from 7 to 10. Students are selected based on their school examination performance. From the top 10 students of each grade, the top girl student and the top boy student get the scholarship. If the top 10 students of a grade are all boys or all girls, then the top 2 students get the scholarship. The rate of the scholarship for each grade is as follows:

  • 2 scholarships for grade 7, each at Tk. 300/month rate
  • 2 scholarships for grade 8, each at Tk. 350/month rate
  • 2 scholarships for grade 9, each at Tk. 400/month rate
  • 2 scholarships for grade 10, each at Tk. 500/month rate


This is a donor specific program where a generous donation from a single donor is fixed-deposited and the scholarships are provided each year from the interest earned.

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Running since 2016, this project has been providing monetary scholarships to 8 meritorious students of grade 7 to grade 10.

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