Khamiran Saban Scholarship

An academic scholarship program to nurture merit

Khamiran Saban is an ac academic scholarship program which provides annual stipends to 15 students of Belca M.C. High School and Belca Monica Girls High School, situated at Shundorgonj Upozilla of Gaibandha District. This is a donor initiated program where a trust fund has been created to perpetually support the expenses of the program.

Belca M.C. High School:

Established in 1913, Belca M.C. School is being run by a group of experienced teachers and execution committee members. The “Maharaja” of Kashimbazar, Monindra Chandra Nandi, single handedly established this school. In 1920 the school emerged as a secondary high school.  Nine years after establishment, a total of 76 students successfully passed Matriculation exam and created a sensation among the Calcutta board which made it earn a title of “Oxford”. In 1984, erosion caused by the Tista river  forced the school to be relocated. Being situated near a “Char” area, there is a persistent issue of attendance. Also lack of proper infra-structure is causing a detriment to education. SpaandanB has a plan to gradually renovate this school.

Belca Monica Girls High School:

Established in 1939, Belca Monica High School is the first education institution for girls in the area. The school runs program for grade 6 to grade 10. In 2016, the head master of the school was adjuged as the best educator of the Upozilla. The school earned reputation in the fields of sports, debate, essay and science competition.

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Since 2018, this scholarship program has been providing stipends to meritorious students of grade 6 to grade 10.

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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.