Dr. Ghulam Murtuza & Mumtaz Unnisa Begum Scholarship

An academic scholarship program for meritorious but financially challenged first year degree level students

Each year, 40-45 students who are studying in the entry level University/College program in the following fields , after completing the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), will receive Dr. Ghulam Murtuza and Mumtaz Unnisa Begum Scholarship. The fields and the allotted scholarships numbers are as following –

  • Nursing (Female students only) 10 scholarships,
  • Medical Technologist in Health Technology- Ultra-sonogram, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Radiology, X-ray etc (5 Male and 5 Female students) 10 scholarships
  • Agriculture (5 Male and 5 Female students) 10 scholarships
  • B.Sc Honors in Genetic Engineering,Biotechnology and Micro-Biology (5 Female students only) 5 scholarships.
  • MBBS/BDS and Textile Engineering (10 Female students only) 10 scholarships.



Dr. Ghulam Murtuza grew up in Hyderabad Deccan. In a period when education in sciences was rare, he studied medicine and became one of the early graduates of Osmania University in 1939. He married Mumtaz Unnisa Begum and together they raised nine children who went on to earn degrees in medicine, engineering and the sciences. In a career spanning over 40 years Dr. Ghulam Murtuza treated numerous patients in Hyderabad and in the districts, often as the only doctor for hundreds of miles. Dr. Ghulam Murtuza and Mumtaz Unnisa Begum’s life work was one of kindness and benevolence; always helping people and encouraging education.

Scholarship Selection Criteria

The selection criteria will be based on home location of the students (village, town, and city), parents’ occupation and income, number of family members, result of the students in public examinations, and any other criterion set by the Donor and ISKS Award Committee.

Selection of the scholarship recipients will be made from applications received through advertisement published in national daily news papers. Application forms will also be sent to different Departments of Universities/Colleges. The applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the members of the ISKS Award Committee. The top scorers/applicants will be selected for the scholarship.

The period of scholarship will be one year (twelve months) i.e. first year of the program. Fresh candidates will be selected for the scholarship each year at entry point.

The scholarship money will be paid through Account Payee cheques in two installments in Bangladesh currency ((each amounting to about Tk.10,000.00 (Taka Ten thousand) only.

Application/s will not be acceptable if any information in the application is found wrong/false at any stage. Any attempt to influence the committee in any manner will disqualify the candidature.The ISKS Award Committee will take decisions about the Scholarship.If the Donor wants any changes, modifications, or additions of the criteria set for the scholarship award, he may do so at any time.

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This project, running since 2012, has been providing educational scholarships to meritorious but financially disadvantaged students of first year degree level studies.

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