Request for Application for 2024 B.Sc/BA/BSS/BDS/MBBS/BBA Scholarships

Imdad Sitara Khan Scholarship Committee is now collecting scholarship applications from meritorious students who passed H.S.C in year 2022 and are currently enrolled in the first year (Education Year 2022-2023) of B.Sc Honours Degree or B.Sc Honours (including Agriculture/Animal Husbandry and all other divisions) or M.B.B.S or B.D.S. or B.Sc Textile Engineering or B.Sc Engineering […]

Virtual Event 2020

Throughout the years, SpaandanB has always arranged at least one charity event every year in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2020 has been a year like no other and forced us to rethink how to arrange the charity event. The result was the first ever SpaandanB Virtual Event that was broadcasted live on SpaandanB YouTube channel and SpaandanB […]

Initiation of the partnership

On November 19, 2020, SpaandanB officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Trauma Link and handed over a check of $25,000 (Taka 20,75,000) for the implementation of the project, “40km expansion of the Community-Based Volunteer Service on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway”.

Khamiran Saban Scholarship 2020

On October 3, 2020, Khamiran Saban scholarships for year 2020 were distributed among 15 students of Belca M.C. High Scholl and Belca Monica Girls High School of Shundorgonj Upozilla, Gaibandha District.

Thank You Healthcare Heroes

Last week SpaandanB made couple of Regional Hospital heroes’ day a little bit sweeter. Hats off to all the heroes for their sacrifices and hard work during this uncertain time. Thanks for making a difference to the community. Special thanks to Omraan Khan for his efforts.

SpaandanB Schools Receive Educational Materials

Today July 23rd 2020, Architect Tahseen Ferdous Scholarship started its journey and it will continue every year. SpaandanB Team distributed educational materials at SpaandanB Schools In Dhaka, Bangladesh.Currently SpaandanB Schools have a total 906 students where everyone of them are under privileged. The donation distribution occurred at 4 different SpaandanB Schools among 725 students, other […]

Juthi – One of the many successes

Juthi is one of the many cancer babies received help for chemotheraoy(CT) for several occasion!She had kidney cancer called Nephroblastoma or Wilms’ Tumor 9 years back (march 2007) & was in her advance stage of cancer she came to us. Dr. Kaniz Hasina Sheuli Mam’s MS Thesis was on Wilm’s Tumor & initially she gave […]

SpaandanB Library Program

Library is an instrumental part of a students curricular and extra curricular development. It introduces a world of information to the students and enriches the creativity and imagination power. With this in mind, SpaandanB has been carrying out library program in Delduar upozilla, as part of the RTAP. Every year two schools are being selected […]

SpaandanB Scholarships

RTAP program provides scholarships to 50 students each year, selected through the Medha test. Each year, 25 stduents are selected from grade six and 25 from grade eight. Each selected student from grade six gets Taka 400 per month for two years and each selected student from grade eight gets Taka 700 per month for […]

SpaandanB Computer Program

Computer literacy is part of the education curriculum in the Secondary School Certificate program in Bangladesh, but many schools in the rural area lack computer laboratories. Computer literacy literally can transform a student’s life and can open up a new world of information. It can profoundly impact teachers, students and their parents as well. Taking […]