Eid Mubarak

In collaboration with Fahria Khan & NABIC, we distributed Eid gifts among 60 Afghan refugee families in Modesto and Turlock.Special thanks to Sharmeen Elahi(Diba), NABIC team and Nabeel Rais Ahmed for their incredible generosity. We really appreciate Fahria Khan’s support and efforts towards this cause. We also thank Nariman Khattak for taking care of these families.We always appreciate each and every one of our dedicated volunteers including: Shehreen Farida Amin, Faaris Amin, Riyana Nuzairah Rashid,Rida Khan, Shama zakir, Samia zakir, Sarina Zakir, Fahima Amin Bhuyan, Tahiti Ahmad, Shaila Imtiaz, Tanzia Ahmed Nijhum, Mohsina Islam and Tushi Syeda.


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