Juthi – One of the many successes

Juthi is one of the many cancer babies received help for chemotheraoy(CT) for several occasion!She had kidney cancer called Nephroblastoma or Wilms’ Tumor 9 years back (march 2007) & was in her advance stage of cancer she came to us. Dr. Kaniz Hasina Sheuli Mam’s MS Thesis was on Wilm’s Tumor & initially she gave her CT to reduce the size of tumor for 4 weeks according to SIOP protocol & later did the surgery & again continue the CT for several months. She visited us last month (March 2016) with her mother as a big girl & I could not remember her initially!

Juthi’s father was a Baby Taxi/CNG Driver & abandoned them during her illness & Sheuli Mam helped them from SpaandonB’s money for the treatment & CT!May Allah bless you all for all of your  generous support!Raquib Bhai we want to buy a Cystoscope-Resectoscpe with your money & for that I need some more dollar with the existing one! It help the boys with difficulty with micturation/pee due to a valve in urethra called Posterior Urethral Valve causing gradual damaging of their kidney & they die with kidney failure & infection. This resectoscope will cut the valve & stop the damaging process.


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