Debate and Speech Club

One of the most important part of school education is to teach the students the skill of critical thinking. Nothing accomplishes it better than by participating in school debate competition. Participation in debate is highly correlated with better academic achievement. With due importance, SpaandanB has established a debate club in Delduar upozilla as part of RTAP program where instructors teach debate skills to the participating students. Every year, an inter-school debate competition is being arranged where many schools of Delduar Upozilla participate. This not only benefits the participating students but also create a competitive environment which is conducive to better education.

Besides debating, on various occasions SpaandanB arranges extempore speech competition among the students. This enriches the presence of mind of the students and develop public speaking skill.


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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.