Gram Theke Shuru 2020

Gram Theke Shuru Financial Assistance and Scholarship disbursement for 2020 held on January 13, 2020. Mr. Raquib Khan was present during the disbursement. Taka 33,000/- has been distributed among 11 students of class Eight-1, Nine-3, Ten-3 and SSC Candidates-4 and taka 150,000/- has been distributed among five poor people as one time grant for income generating activities.

Here’s a note from Mr. Raquib Khan:

All trips/visits are emotional for me (specially for Gram Theke Shuru)  as I can meet the individuals (recipients) personally and see their emotions, achievements, success.  In this trip, I was accompanied by Monjurul from Dhaka SpaandanB office – an energetic young man. It was extremely foggy day around 7:30  am on 13th January when we started and barely can see 100 ft ahead of us. Road was less crowded as we started early but because of the extreme fog, we missed one of the ferry … but we utilized the time by having ginger tea ! at ferry ghat …  It took us only 3.5 hours to arrive at the village which is really fast – in Bangladesh standard for roughly over a distance of 70 km (including missed/delayed ferry).I remember, after meeting many old recipients ( I requested early to talk to them regarding their accomplishment, success), Monjurul made a comment- “Raquib bhai- I can never think of such success in certain projects ,,,,, how this project completely changed the lives of so many people !”  5 new recipients for cow (30k taka each)- 13 scholarship recipients from SSC candidate, class 10, 9 and 8.



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