A Visit to SpaandanB Schools

In the midst of my brief excursion in Bangladesh, I had the privilege of visiting two of the schools for underprivileged children brought into action by SpaandanB. What I experienced was absolutely incredible. The first thing I noticed looking through the windows of the terra cotta building was the children working diligently even after class had let out. Their work ethic did not falter despite the sweltering heat. The head instructor explained to me all the progress that the school had made since its inception. New structures had been added to the school, more learning resources had been acquired, and the overall number of students increased vastly.

Coming from a privileged community in the United States of America, I had never even fathomed the idea that teenagers my age and younger children did not have an education system available to them. I have spent all of the years in my childhood and even now detesting the school environment, complaining about my strict teachers and rude classmates, and hastily doing the grueling assignments included in the curriculum.

Never have I been more grateful for the life that I am living, than seeing the beaming faces of the school children. They were so excited to learn and bond with each other in their own little community. I have never seen a more wholesome sight than seeing those kids ecstatic to acquire knowledge and build relationships with their peers regardless of a lack of a “traditional” schooling environment. Thank you to SpaandanB and all the donors who have allowed these children to flourish in their little school community and administer hope that they can do great things with their lives. The sunshine in these children’s eyes burns so bright. They truly can change lives especially now that they have proper resources to fuel their endeavors.


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