Bangladesh Team

302 Mirpur Road

Shyamoli, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207

Phone: +880 2  48114499  

SpaandanB Bangladesh Team monitors and helps implement all project activities in Bangladesh. It maintains liaison with other implementing organizations on a regular basis and reports back to SpaandanB USA Executive committee.

SpaandanB Bangladesh office is registered under the Non-Government Organization Bureau (N.G.O) of Bangladesh with registration number 2623.It is also registered in Bangladesh as “SpaandanB Health, Education, Development Society” under the society Act XXI of 1860 by the registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. If you want to contact Bangladesh office, please send email to or contact any of its employees.

Meet The Team

SpaandanB Bangladesh Office Administration 

iftekhar ahmed

Deputy Country Director

iftekhar ahmed

Deputy country director

I was searching for an organization which will provide to the needs of the underprivileged without any strings attached. I found it in SpaandanB when I came on board In 2013. The dedication of the selfless workers and volunteers who are diligently working for this organization continuously fuel my drive to work for the underprivileged.

I got my Masters in Commerce from Rajshahi University in 1976. I joined Bangladesh Family Planning Association, a national NGO which offers family planning services to the nation. I worked as a District Project Officer and Assistant Evaluation Officer and served for 5 years. After that I  joined ICDDR,B, a renowned organization, and worked as a Senior Coordination officer. To support nationwide recruitment  of 10,000 Family Welfare Assistants. I also served as Field Research Manager of an operation research field, located at Noapara, Jessore, and worked from 1991 till 1997. After that I engaged in contractual research studies. I joined Nicare the British Council as a Sr. Coordinator and worked till 2004.  

Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Senior Program Manager

Md. mostafizur rahman

senior program manager

I feel good doing something for human being from very early age of my life. I used to buy medicine for old women in my village. I tried to help people of different levels all my life. I helped my class mates during my school time. I donated blood first time during my admission in Dhaka University. I was feeling bad when I saw  a “Middle Man” asking for money from patients relatives in exchange of blood. I thought I should do something about it so that nobody ever needs to buy blood from Middle Man.I joined Badhan, a voluntary blood donor organization, during the early stage of my university life. I worked tirelessly and eventually became the  Central President of Badhan. During that time I came to know about SpaandanB through its flood relief collaboration work between Badhan and SpaandanB. Once I finished my education, I met  Mr. Masih-ur Rahman, the country directory of SpaandanB and he invited me to join SpaandanB. I  joined SpaandanB in 2006 and ever since working with my heart and soul.  I like to work for the common people and I am happy to be part of SpaandanB.  

Md. Mahmudul Hasan Tuhin

Program Coordinator

Md. mahmudul hasan tuhin

program coordinator

I was brought up in the rural area of Natore district. Since school life, I always used to join volunteer organizations (like Youth Ending Hunger) and took part in seminars, training, debate completion, math Olympiad, book reading competition and other social activities. I completed my education in 2011. I am the elder between two brothers and needed to earn a living. I came to Dhaka and worked for couple of organizations. I was not feeling satisfied. Once a senior colleague of the Hunger Project sent me to meet SpaandanB official at Mohammadpur. I remembered I met with Masihur Rahman, Country Director of SpaandanB and Mostafizur Rahman, Project Coordinator of SpaandanB. Later I joined SpaandanB in February 23, 2013 and thought that I would continue with SpanndanB until I get a better job.
After two months, the Rana Plaza Tragedy happened and I got very involved with rehabilitation activities of SpaandanB, I forgot about searching other jobs. I saw the misery of Rana Plaza Tragedy victims first-hand and helped them from the beginning. I  distributed food to the hospitals, looked after them daily, made phone conversations when they left hospitals and provided rehabilitation material to their home. Later I worked directly with the children of slum areas and till date doing it. SpaandanB has attracted me mentally. Working for Rana Paza Tragedy victims and children of slum areas have given me the opportunity to stand beside the people who need help. Now I cannot even think of leaving SpaandanB.       

Md. Rajibul ISlam

Program Monitor

md. rajibul islaM

program monitor

After completing my Honors level education, I came to Dhaka for higher studies and got admitted into Dhaka College in 2016. Due to financial hardship, I could not continue my education and thought about getting a job to make both ends meet. I came to know about SpaandanB School from one of my friends and joined Suchana Sikkha Kendra in January 2017.  It was my first time experience and I saw something different here compared to other schools. It is a free school. Besides, SpaandanB provides food , school uniforms, toys etc. to the students. The children of this school are from nearby slum area and all of them  are from very low income families. Soon two years passed by, and I completed my  M.Sc degree. Gradually the name SpaandanB entered in the depth of my heart. I feel love and respect for SpaandanB. In March 02, 2019, I joined SpaandanB Head Office. Now I know all other activities of SpaandanB. Recently I got married and my wife is with me at Dhaka. My life is better and I want to make it better for others too.  I wish good luck for SpaandansB. 

Prosanto Roy

Program Monitor

prosanto roy

program monitor

My journey with SpaandanB started in early 2016. I joined as a teacher of SpaandanB Biddalay, Mohammadpur Branch and till today I am with SpaandanB with sincere love and responsibility. Each and every profession has some special responsibilities and I think as a teacher, it is a vow. In the early stage, I felt strange seeing the behavior of children, like everyone wants to talk at the same time, sits in the front seat, laughs for no reason.  I feel I should be there and listen to their stories. Gradually my thinking has changed and they won my heart. Their smiles have brought joy in my mind. Now I feel that I am getting something special from them that I cannot express. I feel honored to be at their service.  I am with SpaandanB and will be a part of it in future.

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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.