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A holistic school program for the impoverished kids .

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Volunteer based road accident response system

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In these trying times, SpaandanB stood by its credo and stayed on course with all its projects in Bangladesh. The holistic schooling project for the impoverished kids remained front and center of its efforts. These SB schools have grown unimpeded,  both in footprints and in the range of offered services. The student and families were all tended to even under extraordinary circumstances.

 In addition, we undertook funding of “Traumalink”, a non-profit medical response system that triggers instant care for the traffic accident victims. Traumalink is the brainchild of a visionary Harvard medical hospital ICU physician. It’s implemented on the ground in collaboration with a diligent and highly driven network of medical and social workers in Bangladesh.

Our Plan


Financial and educational support to safeguard all SpaandanB school students and their families: Because of Pandemic lockdown, students are sent home. There is a big probability that many fo these students will drop out and be forced to work for family. We want to continue monitoring the well being  of the students. We will continue  providing home schooling materials. We want to support the family as well with food packages.

Build 40km emergency roadside first aide service  SpaandanB is partnering with Trauma Link and will provide support to build a network of volunteers to provide emergency roadside first aid service over 40km of highways between Dhaka and Chittagong

Over the years our donors and well-wishers have enabled our projects, emboldened our aspirations, and engaged us with ideas. SB gratefully acknowledges this remarkable fellowship and reaffirms its unshakable commitment to stand sentinel over the underprivileged masses of Bangladesh. At SB we believe that our work is a moral dictate that goes far beyond the normal call of duty and that one day , unitedly, we will fend off all the issues in Bangladesh preventing access to health and education by all.

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