Hurricane Bulbul 2019

Rehabilitation of hurricane victims

In November 2019, a tropical category 2 hurricane “Bulbul” made landfall over Shatkhira District of Bangladesh. The cyclone stayed in Bangladesh for approximately 36 hours, which was one of the longest enduring cyclones the country has faced in more than five decades.The Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, reduced Bulbul’s wind speed from 148 km/h to 130 km/h, protecting the scores of people who live in the area and depend on the mangroves for their livelihood. This, and the timely evacuation of communities (more than 2 million evacuated), helped to limit loss of life. However, it caused property damage and left many homeless and foodless.

SpaandanB, with the help of supporting organization Sabrina Memorial Foundation in US and implementing organization Alive in Shatkhira, implemented a quick and effective rehabilitation program. We provided emergency food packages to 200 families, 400 pieces of blankets and reconstructed 25 fallen houses in Munshigonj Union of Shamnagar Upozilla of Shatkhira District. The support is equivalent to $12,000.

Also in Elaipur, Rupsha of Khulna Division, a school called “Anushilon Mojar School” suffered damages. SpaandanB helped rebuilt the school to its previous state.

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Emergency food supply and rehabilitation support to Hurricane Bulbul victims. School building reconstruction.

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