Hurricane Aila 2009

Provide emergency food support to victims of Hurricane Aila

On May 25, 2009, Hurricane Aila made landfall over Bangladesh. Torrential rains from Aila resulted in 190 fatalities and at least 7,000 injuries across the Khulna and Satkhira Districts.[24] Across 11 of the nation’s 64 districts, approximately 600,000 thatched homes, 8,800 km (5,500 mi) of roads, 1,000 km (620 mi) of embankments, and 123,000 hectares (300,000 acres) of land were damaged or destroyed.[25][26] Approximately 9.3 million people were affected by the cyclone, of which 1 million were rendered homeless.[24][27] One year after the storm, 200,000 people remained homeless.[28] Total losses amounted to 89.46 billion taka(US$1 billion).[29]

SpaandanB started an emergency fund drive to provide critical food support to affected families. With the help of SpaandanB officials and Badhan blood donor organization, Hunger Project Bangladesh, Alive and BUET-88 club, we implemented a quick help and provided help to almost 5000 families.


Details of Support:

NoOrganizationDistribution DatesNo. Of Benificiares.Place of DistributionDetailsFund Spent (Taka)
1Hunger Project BangladeshJune 10-15,20093100

Kashimari, Buri Goalini, Atulia, Padma Pukur, Gabura, Munshiganj, of Shamnagor Upazila and Pratapnagor union of Asashuni Upazila, Southkhali union of Sharankhola Upazilla and Sutarkhali, KalaBogi union of Dakop Upazilla

3100 families and each packet contains 3 Kg. Flattened Rice, 1 Kg Sugar, 10 packets Saline & 20 piece water purification tablets$5,000
2ALIVEJune 30, 2009400Munshiganj Union of Shaymnagar Upazila400 families received food packages containing 8kg Rice, 2 Kg Potato, 1 liter Soybean oil, 1 kg lentil, 1 kg salt, 1 kg dried foods, 10 packets of saline, 10 water purifying tablets$3,500
3BadhanJune 3, 2009600Bonyatoli, Aamtoli, Chhoto Chandipur, Padmapukur, Malibari, South Atulia of Saatkhira districtA package of 2.5 Kg Chira,1 Kg guur, 1⁄2 Kg salt, 3 liter drinking water, 5 sachet oral saline, candle and match has been supplied to each family$1,000
4BUET-88June 27, 2009865Shatkhira865 bags ( Each bag contains 4 kg rice, 2 Kg potato,1kg dal, 1Kg oil)$2,500

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Emergency food supply to Hurricane Aila victims

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