HEADS Free Friday Clinic

A project to provide basic health care service for disadvantaged people living in the urban area

Access to basic health care is not a thing to be taken for granted for everybody in Bangladesh. There are efforts from many government and non-government organizations to bring health care services at a reasonable cost to people living in the rural area. However, there is a huge disadvantaged population living in the urban area with almost no hope of getting any sort of health services because of the prohibitive cost. People with meagre income, like rickshaw pullers, home servants, vendors, find it extremely difficult to get health services in urban area and spend time in pain and agony. This project tries to take a crack at this issue by opening a free Friday clinic at the heart of Dhaka. The Health, Education and Development Society (HEADS) in Dhaka started this clinic on the second floor of Green Super Market,Dhaka. Every 2nd,3rd and 4th Friday of the month, this clinic opens its doors to disadvantaged people for free services. A qualified doctor provides consultation service at this center and dispenses basic medicines. A pathologist performs basic clinical diagnostics. For complicated clinical service like X-Ray or Ultra-sound, the clinic provides reference for external help.

On Friday, most of the clinics in Green Super market are closed. On that day, patients are seen in this clinic for free. For this purpose the office of HEADS and the chamber of Dr. Abdur Rahman is being used. Another adjacent room is leased to be used as a pathology center. Each week patients come to the center and register themselves. After that the doctor provides consultation and keeps records of all prescriptions. Since the commencement of the clinic, it has been receiving overwhelming responses. Hundreds of patients, from nearby slum area, are coming to the clinic to seek remedy for various ailment. This project requires your generous donations to keep running and providing valuable service to people in need.

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Running since 2014, this project has been providing basic healthcare services to disadvantaged people living in Dhaka urban area.

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