Gram Theke Shuru

A project to provide income generating opportunities and educational stipends

“Gram Theke Shuru” means “starts from the village” – the name aptly portrays the main concept behind this project. More than 80% of the population of Bangladesh lives in the villages. Any economical growth of the country has to start from the homesteads of these villagers. With this goal in mind, Gram Theke Shuru project provides small scale monetary support to underprivileged villagers so that they can invest it in some kind of income generating activities – like cow or goat rearing or poultry farming. This provides a sustaining means of support to the families. Under this project, four educational stipends are provided to graduating students of grade 8 and 9.

A field report from Rayed Khan and Raquib Khan

Having volunteered for SpaandanB the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit villages in rural Bangladesh several times with my father (Raquib Khan), who coordinates a few projects with the organization.

A Donor Initiated Project

Gram Theke Shuru is a specific donor supported and monitored project. It is a perfect example of how a donor can organize his/her own project through SpaandanB and gets involved with the activity to a greater extent.

Project News

Gram Theke Shuru 2020

Gram Theke Shuru Financial Assistance and Scholarship disbursement for 2020 held on January 13, 2020. Mr. Raquib Khan was present during

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Running since 2002, this project has been providing financial support to small entreprenuers and educational scholarships to meritorious students.

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