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Help flood victims survive and rehabilitate

In August 2017, a deadly flood engulfed Bangladesh, especially the northern side, and wreaked havoc on the lives of million people. The total damage is estimated to exceed 14 thousand crore taka. The flood devastated houses, roads and highways, destroyed crops and contaminated water reservoirs. The sufferings of the affected people knew no bounds. Like past years, SpaandanB US immediately started an emergency drive to collect funds to support the flood victims and instructed Bangladesh office to take necessary steps for the implementation of the program. With all out support from our donors, SpaandanB very quickly raised $30,000 in USA and about $7500 in Bangladesh. Organizations like Sabrina Memorial Foundation in US and BUET 85-92 club in Bangladesh offered significant support to reach the goal of the fund drive.

While selecting the location for the program, northern side of Bangladesh was given priority since it was the most affected area. SpaandanB collected information about the flood damage from areas like Dinajpur, Rangpur, Kurigram, Ponchogor, Naogaon, Joypurhat, Thakurgaon, Bogra and Sirajgonj. After evaluating the collected information, SpaandanB selected the following areas to limit the activity.

NoDistrictUpozillaUnionVillageImplementing Organization
1DinajpurSadarNo. 8 Shonkarpur Union11 villagesSpaandanB
2KurigramNageshwariNo. 11 Noonkhawa Union12 villagesSpaandanB
3RangpurGongachora9 unions9 villagesHunger Project Bangladesh
4RangpurSadar1 union1 villageHunger Project Bangladesh
5NaogaonPotnitola5 unions5 villagesHunger Project Bangladesh

After the area selection, SpaandanB started collecting data from the grounds. We created a form to collect information about the affected people like the status of their house, crops, farming animals, education materials, ownership of land and its size, source of drinking water etc. We worked with our trusted partner “Badhan” to collect information from 11 villages and 495 Thanas of Noonkhawa Union, Nageshwari Upozilla, Kurigram District. Later on the information collection was carried on to Shonkorpur Union of Dinajpur District. From Sept 10 to Sept 13, we collected information from 817 families.

We also partnered with Hunger Project Bangladesh and decided to distribute vegetable seeds in Naogaon and Rangpur area through their network.

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