Flood Aid 1998

Provide emergency help to victims of flood

In 1998 Bangladesh suffered its worst floods in living memory, inundating two-thirds of the country for an unprecedented eleven weeks starting in July.

The 1998 floods affected some 30 million people and caused over 1,000 deaths. They severely damaged an estimated 15,000 kilometers of roads, 14,000 schools, and thousands of bridges and culverts. Besides public infrastructure, they damaged private assets (including over 500,000 homes), production, and productive inputs. The floods disrupted the pre-monsoon aus rice crop (harvested in June-July); prevented planting of the aman rice crop (transplanted in August and harvested in December); inundated small and large industries; and disrupted the major export of ready-made garments. Initial estimates suggested that 1998-99 GDP growth would drop to 3.3 percent, from the 5.6 percent attained in 1997-98. The partial loss of two rice crops and uncertainty about the winter boro rice crop, meant that Bangladesh would have to import substantial amounts of foodgrain, putting pressure on its balance of payments.

This was the first humanitarian drive for SpaandanB. The newly formed organization jumped into action and collected almost $10,000 for the victims of the calamity.  We chose


Red Crescent:$710.00
Godagari Union, Rajshahi: $711.00 

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Provide emergency help to victims of flood

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