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Badhan Blood Transfusion Center

"A project to promote voluntary blood donation and provide fast and quality blood to disadvantaged people"

SpaandanB partners with Badhan to implement a modern blood transfusion center in the heart of Dhaka University. The objectives of this initiative are -

  • To promote voluntary blood donation among the University students of Bangladesh.

  • To significantly improve the blood-crisis situation in Bangladesh and make blood easily and efficiently available to people specially who are financially disadvantaged.

  • To prevent spread of blood-borne diseases by providing a source of un-preserved well-screened quality blood.

The Phase-I of the Center is on going. The basic transfusion center has been established in TSC (Teachers Students Center) of Dhaka University and it has been inaugurated in Oct, 2006. We hope to start Phase-II in near future. Approximately 13,000 patients are planned to be serviced during the first year of operation of the fully equipped center.

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Rationale and Back Ground History:

Every year, thousands of people die in Bangladesh due to shortage of blood. Voluntary blood donation is yet to become a social movement in Bangladesh. Being a land of millions, wide spread voluntary blood donation could have saved many lives and alleviate the blood-crisis. During time of need, people usually look for donors within their own family, which in many case, do not fulfill the need. Without alternative, people buy blood from paid donors or from Blood Banks. Blood donated by professional blood donors are a major cause of spread of transfusion-transmissible diseases, like AIDS, Hepatitis etc. Blood banks exploit the situation and sell blood bags at exorbitant prices, which make it almost impossible for low-income patients to purchase. Due to poor preservation, sometimes these frozen bloods lose properties and become detrimental to health.

Keeping all this in mind, Badhan, a non-political voluntary blood donor organization, was formed in 1997 by few spirited students of Dhaka University. They motivate graduate and post-graduate level students to donate blood when need arises. Badhan maintains an extensive student database of willing blood donors. In time of need, Badhan finds matching eligible donors and make them available to the patient for fresh blood transfusion. Since the blood transfusion is almost instantaneous, it does not get deteriorated like preserved blood. They provide their services primarily to patients who are financially unable to procure blood from other sources. Badhan has expanded their network among all the major universities and colleges of Bangladesh and on their way to make voluntary blood donation a social movement.

Majority of the blood needs are in and around Dhaka. So far, blood transfusion of Badhan Donors occurs at the hospitals where the patients are located, It has become increasingly difficult for the donors to go to the hospitals. The commute takes away valuable time and sometimes diminishes the motivation of the donor. In many case, these hospitals or clinics do not have proper blood screening facility and pose serious threats to patient's health. For all these reasons a centrally located transfusion center, which would be easily accessible by the student donors, become necessary. Also, through this center, proper screening of blood could be assured.

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Project Details:

SpaandanB plans to implement the project in two phases-
In Phase I, SpaandanB provided direct monetary support to establish a basic transfusion center where qualified and trained personnel will perform blood grouping, transfusion and short-term preservation procedure. It will also establish the initial organizational frame-work for the future full-blown transfusion center. Budget for this phase is approximately $8,000.

In Phase II, SpaandanB plans to provide logistical support to establish a modern blood transfusion center equipped with-

  • High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge machine

  • Cell Separator

  • Sub-zero Blood Bank refrigerator

  • Elisa Instrument, Full Set

  • Micro Typing System

  • Waste Disposal System

For location, Dhaka University authority has already sanctioned few rooms at the Teacher's and Student's Center. Being at the heart of the university, it will encourage students to donate blood more often and hassle free.

This center will also perform screening of donated blood for various blood-borne diseases like HIV, Hepatitis A/B etc.

After the implementation of Phase II, the center is supposed to be running at break-even, without requiring any further monetary help.

For details of the project implementation, please look at the project proposal.

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