Akhter Hossain Khan Memorial Scholarship

An educational stipend program for meritorious students of grade 7 -10

This is a scholarship program for meritorious students studying at Singhora High School situated at Singhora Village, Nawabgonj Upozilla of Dhaka District. Each year, through this program, 15 students are awarded monetary scholarships. The recipients are the top performing 3 students from each grade starting from grade 7 to 10 and 3 students who will appear at the SSC examination.  This is a donor initiated project where a trust fund has been built to provide ongoing support to students. The scholarship is named after Late. Mr. Akhter Hossain, brother of the project initiator Mr. Motahar Hossain, who was the founder of the  school and provided a life time of support and caring for the development of the same.  Mr. Akhter Hossain had a vision and established the school to make education available especially to the girls of the community. He died in 2003 out of an heart attack while visiting the school. This project serves as good example of how donors can get affiliated with development activities in Bangladesh even living half way around the world.

Singhora High School

It was never an outstanding or strange idea! Every person in Singhora knew very well that they need a high school; and they needed it badly. It’s just they did not know how to establish one. So, they went to someone whom they believed as capable of doing the job. Late Mr. Akhter Hossain Khan, the founding President of Singhora High School, was that man …

Background History:

The original project started on year 2007 when the donor initiated the project to make structural development of the Singhora school. Through SpaandanB’s supervision, the civil construction of one storied library building was completed. Afterwards the library was fully stocked with books and furniture.  As a next step, the donor expressed interest to provide an ongoing educational support to the students and setup a onetime trust fund. Since 2010, the trust fund starts providing perpetual support to the students.

Project News

AHK Scholarship 2020

The disbursement for Akhter Hossain Khan Memorial Scholarship at Singhora High School, Nawabgong, Dhaka was held on December 31, 2019.

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Since 2010, this scholarship program has been providing stipends to meritorious students.

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