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The driving force behind all operations of SpaandanB comes from our donors. We support all projects through the funds accrued from donor contributions. Donors can contribute any amount they wish to and choose the sector that their contribution will support.

Since SpaandanB is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit, charitable organization, contributions are tax deductible for donors in the United States .

How to support a project
It is very easy to support a SpaandanB project. All we need is some contact information and the donation. To donate online securely using a credit card, please click on the button below and do not forget to write the project name in the comment box if you are donating for a  special project:


Donation by Credit Card:
To donate online securely using a credit card, please click on the button specific to a project or General (not specific to any project) below:

Please select project

If you prefer to mail in a check, simply provide the following information along with a personal check payable to SpaandanB:

Name: ___________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________
Phone: _____________________
E-mail: ______________________________________
Sector to support (optional)*: __________________
Annual donation pledge: $______
Enclosed amount: $______

Please mail the check and the information to:

P.O. Box 557
Allen, TX 75013

We thank you for your donations to SpaandanB. Your help will go a long way!

Gift matching programs
For donors who work for companies in the United States that have gift matching programs, we encourage you to take advantage of these programs. Gift matching from the company can easily double your donation!

SpaandanB is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit, charitable organization and is qualified for company matching. The employee identification number (tax id) for SpaandanB is 77-0479128.

Gift matching procedures vary from company to company. In general, you need to fill out the employee section of the form and mail it to us along with your donation. Please consult your Human Resources or Benefits department for instructions specific to your company.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


* If you do not select a specific sector, your donation will go to the sector that needs funds the most.

             In The News .....


  SpaandanB-NT has created a fund called “AILA project” to help victims of Cyclone AILA which struck the south-west of Bangladesh on 25th May

  SpaandanB (pronounced spon-don bee) is a nonprofit, charitable organization that supports various education, health and development sector projects in Bangladesh. We encourage donors like you to support projects that work towards making poor and needy Bangladeshis self-reliant.


  SpaandanB has several policies in place to ensure that your contribution is used appropriately.


  We will provide you updates on your supported projects and show you how your generous donation is making a difference.

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