Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Build a better Bangladesh through changes in the quality of life of the less advantaged.

Our Mission

Establish a just and equitable access to health and education for the general population of Bangladesh. SpaandanB emphasizes four major areas:


Bring the disadvantaged multitude under a framework of holistic education and lifestyle practices, if needed, by prosecuting novel methods.

Support across the spectrum of needs and social strata. Generate awareness and provide incentive to unloose future success potential.

Remedy Health Needs

Make basic health services accessible to the impoverished and underprivileged common masses.

Support advancement of medical service infrastructure in Bangladesh.

alleviate economic hardship

Provide income-generating, self-sustained opportunities for the impoverished population.

Assist in navigating through financial hardship in times of calamities.

Emergency Humanitarian Aid

Provide food, medical, shelter and rehabilitation support to distressed humanity during time of emergency.

Who We Are

SpaandanB is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.
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How We Work

All project operations and activities within SpaandanB are decided by an Executive Committee.
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Our Team

The main organizational body of SpaandanB is its central Executive Committee.
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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.