Humanitarian Delivery Flight To Bangladesh - 2011

The words from a kid volunteer in USA summarizes it all - "We packed a lot of boxes! Boxes with stuffed animals, boxes with blankets, boxes with toys, boxes with shoes of all sizes, and boxes of various types of clothing. We packed box after box after box. Seems like hard work, doesn't it! But actually it was not! Everyone helped, so it was not impossible. More over, we know that we are doing it for a good cause. Our used items will be carried over to Bangladesh by air. It felt so good to help the people in Bangladesh who are not as fortunate as we are!" The same feeling echoed in the heart of everybody whoever participated in this noble effort.

SpaandanB is pleased to announce that all the materials collected in USA and delivered to Bangladesh via Biman Bangladesh and Emirates Airlines are successfully distributed among disadvantaged people in Bangladesh. About 18000 lbs of goods in roughly 900 boxes were delivered in two phases. The collected materials include warm clothes, blankets, various types of garments for men, women and children, toys, books, shoes, stationeries etc. Majority of the warm clothes are distributed in the Northern Part of Bangladesh (Rangpur,Kurigram, Dinajpur) where people suffer the brunt of the cold. Thousands of children received the kind gift from your heart! SpaandanB Bangladesh office took the leading role in the distribution, but without the help from several other organizations like Badhan, BUET-88 club, Forum-86, Rotary Club of Dhaka Metro Politan, Gulshan Youth Club, this mammoth job wouldn't have been completed. Our heart-felt thanks go to Boeing employees in Washington, who started it all. Without their initiative and pivotal role - nothing would have been done. Many vounteers in USA worked hard to collect the materials. There are just too many to name. Above all, donors around USA poured in their support and made this endeavor a memorable one.

We express our sincerest gratitude to the authorities of Boeing, Bangladesh Biman and Emirates Airlines for their generous corporate citizenship level help for this event.

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Second Phase Distribution Details:

Distribution Date
No. of Boxes

10 Feb 2012
Basila Road Slum, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
SpaandanB BD office distributed clothes to 150 slum kids

11 Feb, 2012
Step Up foundation, Dhaka
SpaandanB BD office ditributed 2 boxes of books to Mr. Wasimul Bari of Step Up Foundation for kids education.

16 Feb, 2012
Two orphangaes at Kalabagan, Dhaka.
Volunteers of Rotary Club of Metro Politan Dhaka distributed clothes to 130 Orphan students.

17 Feb, 2012
Baro Pakuria Village, Ullapara, Sirajgonj
SpaandanB & Forum 86 (Alumni Association of BUET 86-87 Batch) distributed clothes to beneficiaries. Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Head, Dept. of NAME and some teachers of BUET organized the program.

24 Feb, 2012
Munshigonj, Sathkhira
Representatives selected by Mr. Mujahid, Boeing Employee, and local volunteers distributed clothes to about 1200 beneficiaries. 10 volunteers carefully selected the beneficiaries from 5-6 villages of Aila affecetd area of Munshigonj, Sathkhira.

26 Feb, 2012
Kaira, Khulna
Representatives selected by Mr. Mujahid, Boeing Employee, and local volunteers distributed clothes to about 400 beneficiaries selected from 2 villages of Aila affected area of Kaira, Khulna.

26 Feb, 2012
Kasunda, Atrai, Naogaon
SpaandanB volunteers and UNO of Atrai Upozilla distributed clothes to 200 Children of this remote village

28 Feb, 2012
Darsana, Chuadanga
Representatives selected by Mr. Mujahid, Boeing Employee, and local volunteers distributed children clothes and education items to 2 schools at Darsana, Khulna

29 Feb, 2012
Lamia Orphanage, Dhaka
Children clothes were distributed to 50 students at Lamia Orphanage by the authority.

2 Mar, 2012
Central Mosque, BUET
SpaandanB & Forum 86 volunteers distributed clothes to beneficiaries. Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Head, Dept. of NAME and some teachers of BUET organized the program

9-10 Mar, 2012
Mithapukur and Pirgonj, Rangpur
SpaandanB and Badhan volunteers from Rangpur Karmaikel College helped distribute materials to 400 benficiaries at Mithapukur, 200 at Gajipara and 200 at Rasulpur, Pirgonj. 500 Children were provided with clothes.

11 Mar, 2012
Noon Khawar Char, Nagessory, Kurigram
SpaandanB and Badhan volunteers from Dinajpur Govt. College Unit helped distribute materials to 750 benficiaries. 150 at Par Gaibandha, 150 at Uttar Gaibandha, 300 at Borail and Maddhopara and 150 at Ghorasal. About 600 children were provided with clothes.

23 Mar, 2012
Dhaka Slum areas, Potuakhali, Hajiganj Chandpur, Gaibandha
BUET 88 Club and Gulshan Youth club of Dhaka distributed clothes to 300 beneficiaries in Dhaka. 400 beneficiaries are served in Patuakhali corodianted by the Joint Secretary Sayeed Ahmed Baset fro BUET 88 lub. Vice President Mohammed Hossain and Publication Secretary ASM Raihanul Ferdous distributed 250 items in Hajigonj and 225 items Gaibandha.

20 Mar, 2012
Konabari, Gazipur
Distributed by Rotary Club of Metropolitan Dhaka to recipients in the Childrens Hospital at Konabri.

Delduar, Tangail and Dhaka
SpaandanB office will distribute these items in Delduar Tanagail and in Slum areas near Dhaka.

First Phase Distribution Details:

Distribution Date
No. of Boxes

28-29 Nov 2011
Chor Monakosa, Chor Hoybot Kha, Char Ganai, Gusso gram, Char Bissonath and Burirhat at Kaunia Upazil, Tepa Modhupur Union of Rangpur district
Badhan volunteers of Karmaikal College pre-distributed 500 tokens among villagers. Clothes were distributed to token bearers only. Left over clothes were distributed among children.

4 Dec, 2011
DMCH Pediatric Unit and Education centers at Gabtoli and Kallayanpur, Dhaka
45 pieces of blankets were distributed among the children at the Pediatric center. Materials were also distributed in SpaandanB supported education centers at Kallayanpur and Gabtoli.

21-22 Dec, 2011
Bapari Para, Talipara, Char Garia, Fakir Mohammadpur at the upazila of Chilmari, Kurigram and Galakata, Purba Atharo Paika, Dalon, Satvita, Jalanger Kuthi of the Upazila of Ulipur, Kurigram.
Badhan volunteers of Karmikal College distributed 650 tokens among the villagers who received warm clothes. Left overs were distributed among children.

23-26 Dec, 2011
Subra and Uttar Gabindapur-200, Khusalpur and Shippur-150, Firmer Hat-120, 8 no. Sakerpur Union 250 at the upazila of Dinajpur Sader
Badhan Dinajpur College Unit volunteers selected 720 villagers who received warm clothes. Some toys were also distributed among children.

5-10 Jan,2012
Kallyan pur, Gabtali, Rayer Bazer, Mohammadpur, Diabari
Children clothes were distributed among slum children. 2 boxes full of books are set aside for distribution to SpaandanB's RTAP project at Delduar, Tangail

Details yet to be collcted

Nov, 2011
Comilla, Sirajgonj and Darsana
Mr. Mujahid, Boeing Employee, personally distributed these 18 boxes. At Comilla, 7 boxes of school supplies and sports equipments were distributed to students. 10 boxes of clothes were distributed to Orphan girls in Sirajgonj and disadvantaged people of Darsana. 1 box of Sarees are kept for future distribution to orphan girls as gifts when they will get married.

Update January 28, 2012

The remaining relief materials (622 boxes, 7485Kg) have been carried by a delivery flight of Emirates 777-300ER to Dubai on Jan 24th. Three different flights from Dubai carried the materials to Dhaka. EK-582 reached Dhaka on Jan 26th and carried 104 Boxes (1270Kg) of materials. Another flight of EK-582 carried 143 Boxes (1476Kg) to Dhaka on Jan 27th. Flight EK-584 carried the remaining 361 boxes (4738Kg) also on Jan 27th. SpaandanB BD office has promptly cleared all the boxes from customs and taken them to intermediate storage for sorting and distribution.

Update January 15, 2012

SpaandanB has completed the distribution of the first phase of relief materials received via the humanitarian flight of Boeing. 267 boxes were received which were sorted by local volunteers and repacked into 233 boxes. All the boxes have been distributed. The following table shows a break down of the distribution effort. SpaandanB Bangladesh office is now getting ready to recive the second phase of relief materials. We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped distribute the materials in Bangladesh. Click the following links for photo galleries.

Update December 21, 2011

Boeing authority has confirmed that the remaining boxes will be delivered to Bangladesh by the end of January via Emirates airlines. Due to holiday rush in December, Emirates could not find any flight from Dubai to Dhaka which can carry extra cargo. However, in January Emirates will be able to carry the extra cargo. Relief materials equivalent to 8 cargo pallets have been collected. 3 cargo pallets have been already delivered to Bangladesh via Biman airlines. Aproximately 650 boxes will be shipped via Emirates by end of January. Earlier 265 boxes (total 8500 lbs) by 3 cargo pallets have been delivered to Bangladesh via Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Update December 9, 2011

The appeal for collection of relief materials for Bangladesh,transported by the humanitarian delivery flight of Boeing, was responded in overwhelming numbers! Boxes flew in to Washington collection center from all parts of Unites States (look at donor list ). Boeing Bangladeshi employees deftly handled the incoming boxes and delivered them to Boeing warehouse for pallet construction. Due to a last minute technical difficulty of the specific aircraft, not all boxes were hauled by that specific flight. About 1/3 of the materials were placed on the aircraft. Boeing authority is currently working with other airlines (i.e. Emirates ) to send the remaining 2/3 boxes pretty soon. Keep tuned for updates on this. Only winter clothes are packed in the first installment since distribution of such goods is time critical.

On 23rd November, Biman's flight took off with the goods. Boeing employee Mr. Syed Hossain travelled along with other Biman officials in that flight to facilitate clearance process and to personally supervise the initial distribution process. SpaandanB office promptly cleared the materials from the customs and transported them through the assistance of Gulshan Youth Club to the storage center at Mohammadpur. Volunteers from BUET and officials of SpaandanB Bangladesh office sorted the boxes for ease of distribution.

Majority of the winter clothes are scheduled to be delivered in the cold stricken Northern parts of Bangladesh. Mr. Syed Hossain personally distributed 53 boxes among underprivileged children at GangaChhara, Rangpur. We will soon upload a video of the GangaChhara distribution process. The remaining boxes are currently being transported to Kurigram and Dinajpur. Transportation is provided by BUET 88 club. Volunteers from BUET 88 and Hunger Project Bangladesh will help in the distribution process. Few boxes are set aside for distribution among the victims of the November 17th fire incident at Rayerbazar, Dhaka . SpaandanB office is taking all measures to make sure that your donation reaches the right person. In the process it is involving many volunteers and organizations. A little help has indeed made a long way!

Original Appeal

We are happy to inform you that in colaboration with SpaandanB, Bangladeshi employees at Boeing Company, WA have started a benevolent drive to collect used clothes, school supplies, toys etc. to be sent over to Bangladesh for distribution among under-privileged people. Biman Bangladesh Airlines has recently purchased few new B-777 airplanes from the Boeing Company. The aircrafts are now being delivered to Biman. Boeing company has approved us to send about 20 Tons of help materials to Bangladesh to be shipped on board the maiden journey of these aircrafts. This service is provided by Boeing as part of their Humanitarian Delivery Flight program. SpaandanB Bangladesh office has already received clearance from proper authority to collect the materials from Shah Jalal Airport and will coordinate the distribution process using local volunteers.

Please step forward and make use of this great opportunity to send help materials to Bangladesh! The flight will leave on the third week of November, 2011. So, time is ticking!

You can send help materials in several ways. You can either box it by yourself and directly mail it to the Washington collection center, or make use of the local collection center where you can just drop off your materials on the designated date and time and volunteers will box it for you.

Things Accepted For Donation :

  1. Winter clothing new/used for children, men and women (Jackets, Sweaters, Socks, Hand Gloves, Mittens, Winter Cap etc).
  2. Regular clothing new/used for children, men and women (Pants/jeans, Shirts/T-shirts, Saries /Kamij , Shoes etc.)
  3. Winter blankets, bed sheets/ comforter etc
  4. Medicine & Supplies (Vitamins & Minerals, Vitamin A-D, Band-Aids etc)
  5. Dry food/Canned Nutrition food ( Protein foods etc)
  6. Educational Materials & Supplies ( Books, Backpacks, Pen/Pencils etc)
  7. Kids small Toy's , picture books etc.
Please make sure that donated items are in good condition and properly cleaned. clothes need to be folded. Make sure food/medicine items are not expired.

If You Want To Drop Off At A Local Collection Center :

  • San Francisco Bay Area:

    If you happen to live in San Francisco Bay Area, you can drop-off your donation materials on November 5 (Saturday) at the following address from 12 noon to 3pm .
    2001 Gammell Brown Place, Santa Clara, CA 95050 , Phone (408)247-7417
    Click here for direction

    Volunteers will be available to accept your donation materials and box them properly. We will appreciate if you make a small donation to cover the overall mailing and distribution cost. For your information, it will take about $10 for a box of 25lbs to be shipped to WA from Santa Clara. We are using Oak Harbor Freight Line for the transport to Washington.

  • Greater Austin, Texas

    For Greater Austin area, you can drop off your donation materials at the following address -
    7111 Avignon Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681 (click here for direction)
    (Tel: Masud Khandker - 512 422 3308 )

    Friday: Nov 4th, 8-10pm
    Saturday, Nov 5th, 10am-12pm

    Volunteers will be available to accept your donation materials and box them properly. We will appreciate if you make a small donation to cover the overall mailing and distribution cost.

If You Want To Directly Mail Your Donation :

Address of Washington Collection Center

Syed M. Hussain
5714 S. Grove Dr.
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Cell: 425-280-8456

Date by when your donation should reach Washington

November 13, 2011

Box Information

  1. Box weight should not exceed 40lbs
  2. Box Height should not exceed 48 inch
  3. Standard office Box size = (20" x 13" x 12") can carry up to 30 lbs of clothing
  4. Please print out this Content List and fill it in. This list needs to be pasted on the outside surface of the box.
  5. Please use this Box Tag to serialize the boxes (use serial numbers like 2/5 which means 2nd box of total 5).
  6. Once the box is mailed, please send an email to mentioning your name and how many boxes are mailed and the shipment date.

Helpful Information

For surface mail rates, following sites can become handy

  • Busfreighter (approximately $17/box, good for bulk amount)
  • Greyhound (approximately $17/box)
  • USPS (approximately $27-$33/box)
  • AmTrak (for bulk amount)
    500lb limit on a specific point-to-point delivery. Max box size allowed is 3ftx3ftx3ft. Total cost ~$260 for 500lbs.
  • Oak Harbor Freight Line (good for bulk amount, average price $0.50/lb). They do business in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
Boxes can be purchased from -
  • Home Deport size = (18" x 18" x 24") and price = $1.36/box
  • Office Deport size = (20" x 13" x 12")

For any further information, please contact spaandanb at