SpaandanB Merit Test

Each year selected students from all the schools of Delduar upozilla appear in a merit test, devised carefully to evaluate the academic and intellectual aptitude of the students. From the outcome of this merit test, each year 50 talented students are being screened out. Each year SpaandanB US executive committee members prepare two question sets based on the grade 6 and grade 8 educational curriculum of Bangladesh Board of Education. The question papers cover analytical and quantitative Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Science, English and general knowledge. Students, pre-selected based on academic results and school teachers recommendation, from all 27 schools of Delduar Upozilla take part in the exam. SpaandanB Bangladesh Office and Rights and Sights for Children co-ordinate the overall examination process. Selected teachers from all the schools participate as invigilators. This test has created lots of excitement among the students of Delduar and created a competitive educational environment.


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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.