SpaandanB Computer Program

Computer literacy is part of the education curriculum in the Secondary School Certificate program in Bangladesh, but many schools in the rural area lack computer laboratories. Computer literacy literally can transform a student’s life and can open up a new world of information. It can profoundly impact teachers, students and their parents as well. Taking that into consideration, SpaandanB has been equipping schools at Delduar with computers. As part of the program, each year one or two schools are selected and they are provided with 4 new computers, printers and associated operating software. During the setup of the laboratory, SpaandanB arranges a short introduction program to prepare the students and teachers about the usage. Each school makes sure that there are qualified teachers to make use of the computers.


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SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donations are tax deductible and qualifies for company matching in most cases.