Rana Plaza Phase II support

Phase-II: Short term health support to alleviate immediate sufferings
Status: Completed, Expenditure: Taka 3,69,596

  • In this phase, SpaandanB continued to provide emergency health support to Savar victims in “Pangu” Hospital and “Sharawrdi” hospital. In consultation with Prof. KH Awal, Director of National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR), created a food supplement package (contains 1 egg, 2pcs bread, 500 gm Milk, 2 litre pure drinking water, 1 banana and 1 lemon). These packages were distributed to 120 pre-identified patients to start with. As patients came around and leave the hospitals, number of benificiaries gradually decreased. This way we provided a total of 4602 food packages.
  • SpaandanB officials, with the help of Badhan volunteers, are conducting detailed survey of the patients to identify their medical and financial situation. This includes family background checking and verification of possibility of receiving help from other sources. The correctness of this database will be instrumental in determining the exact nature of the future rehabilitation process, which will vary case by case.
  • SpaandanB is under discussion with SAFE for possible partnership during rehabilitation process.
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