Singhora High School

A True Story of Proactive Village People – by Motahar Ahmed, Project initiator:

It was never an outstanding or strange idea! Every person in Singhora knew very well that they need a high school; and they needed it badly. It’s just they did not know how to establish one. So, they went to someone whom they believed as capable of doing the job. Late Mr. Akhter Hossain Khan, the founding President of Singhora High School, was that man. He fully devoted last few years of his life toward this project and died in the school vicinity while working on it; only forty miles but four long hours apart from his Dhaka residence. After his death, the Headmaster found a poem in a sealed envelope, where Mr. Khan called the school his fourth Child! And yet, the true hero was the people of Singhora, who had emerged truly united despite generation-long feud between two separate factions! This school made it all possible!!

The student population of the school is now about 350. SSC results have been impressive for last few years. A handful of students achieved GPA 4.5+ including few 5.0. None of these students, mostly girls, would have passed SSC if not for this school.

I like to extend my sincere gratitude to SpandaanB for carrying out this project to establish a Library-cum-Computer center. The commitment and dedication of every SpandaanB official is truly outstanding and I really envy them. We are almost at the end of this project; however, need additional funding to provide more books, computers, printers and internet connection. Upon successful completion of this project, we plan to offer a scholarship to top few students of each class in order to provide a little more encouragement. 

People of Bangladesh are slowly rising beyond their whim and ego and getting united. These schools are being established by very ordinary people and they do not have any political affiliation. It is our obligation to extend helping hand and recognize their effort; we owe it to ourselves. We can certainly choose not to, however, that will not only mean our individual educational excellence failed miserably to teach us about social and moral obligations but also made us completely ignorant about our roots! Do any of us want to be like that? I think NOT! Because we are all as BIG as our DREAM!!.


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